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Since we rang our
BELL on March 15, 2003 it's been, well I guess what feels like just one very long day! Everyone involved has just been super busy trying to make the shop work so with all the procrastinating on the subject of getting pictures loaded, a decision has finally been made to load pictures taken by  family, friends,  customers, neighbors, employees, although many are not in order.

Although names and descriptions aren't included many of you will recognize your neighbors, friends, artists and favorite musicians.  I will add the text, names and descriptions as soon as possible. Some are pre-stage and others are from Friday night.

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I've enjoyed them along with the wonderful friendships formed. Thanks to everyone for their support and all those incredible artists and musicians that have put their work on the walls, taken excellent pictures or graced our  stage

I remember the first few weeks we were in business when the truly amazing 
Kerri Arista walked in asking if she could play in the shop and I looked at her and said "I guess so, but I'm still trying to figure out how to run the cash register!", to just last night when we had, yet another wonderful evening with the wonderful Fishing for Comets winners of this years Dallas Observers "Best Folk Acoustic Act".

What wonderful memories! The shop is truly a part of each and every one of you as you'll see in these pictures. If you have pictures you've taken and would like them added to this collection please email them

Thank you for everyone that's helped bring this small business to life.

Pascale Hall


Music Video shot at Opening Bell
Cactus Cafe Music Video

Try "opening bell", "opening bell coffee" or "standard and pours" to find us!

Brewing Hours
7am - 10pm
Friday 7am - 12am
Sat 8:00am - 12am
Sun 8:30am - 9pm

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South Side on Lamar
1409 S. Lamar Street
Basement Retail #012
Dallas, TX 75215


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    1409 S. Lamar Street
    Basement Retail #012
    Dallas, TX 75215

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